Welcome to our wiki! Sorry, we don't have a welcome template for foreign users yet. But I will prepare one soon. I hope you can understand this message, sorry if my English is bad. I just wanted to tell you that our entry format is like this page's: ภาษา (paa-sǎa). We use "#" instead of "[1]", or "*" of ":". Have a nice day! :) ~ Z (m) 10.00, 15 Şubat 2018 (UTC)[]

Poet-only wordsDüzenle

Well, we are lacking lots of categories from there. So, right now I'm creating the same category here as Kategori:Şiirsel terimler. You can now write şiirsel terimler to the same place I wrote "animals". Thanks for the warning! Now we have another category included on Kategori:Kullanım yerlerine göre sözcükler. ~ Z (m) 06.29, 20 Şubat 2018 (UTC)[]