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: Here's [https://tr.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=K%C3%BCba&type=revision&diff=3800774&oldid=3800221 another example] from the entry [[Küba]]. --[[Kullanıcı:Apisite|Apisite]] ([[Kullanıcı mesaj:Apisite|mesaj]]) 22.32, 31 Ekim 2021 (UTC)
: P.S. You need to have a good grasp of the Turkish language to make unique translation glosses. --[[Kullanıcı:Apisite|Apisite]] ([[Kullanıcı mesaj:Apisite|mesaj]]) 02.04, 2 Kasım 2021 (UTC)
::I agree, that's why I'm very careful with changing or adding any translations. Most of my edits concern the wiki syntax. Did you see any error that I made in translations? In some cases, I have corrected the Swedish spelling of a translation, [https://tr.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=bile%C5%9Fim&type=revision&diff=3808865&oldid=3808864 such as here]. --[[Kullanıcı:LA2|LA2]] ([[Kullanıcı mesaj:LA2|mesaj]]) 08.39, 2 Kasım 2021 (UTC)
A table with class="wikitable sortable" is also resorted in Javascript, and this works every time. --[[Kullanıcı:LA2|LA2]] ([[Kullanıcı mesaj:LA2|mesaj]]) 18.53, 1 Kasım 2021 (UTC)
You can't use the bot without permission. Please contact with [[Kullanıcı:Sabri76|Sabri76]] about this subject. [[Kullanıcı:Turgut46|<span style="color: red;">'''''Turgut46'''''</span>]]<sup> [[Kullanıcı mesaj:Turgut46|<span style="color: red;">✉</span>]]</sup> 05.59, 2 Kasım 2021 (UTC)
:I have already some days ago [[Vikisözlük:Botlar/Bot başvurusu/LA2-bot|requested bot status]], and also asked the only user who was active then [[Kullanıcı_mesaj:Uncitoyen#Bot_status|if my edits are disturbing]]. The activity here is very low, except for my edits. --[[Kullanıcı:LA2|LA2]] ([[Kullanıcı mesaj:LA2|mesaj]]) 08.39, 2 Kasım 2021 (UTC)