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Whenever I add any Mandarin words, the translation is put in the last place instead of the place after the letter C. --Apisite (mesaj) 09.58, 28 Ekim 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

For example. --Apisite (mesaj) 09.59, 28 Ekim 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
Perhaps "Ç" in "Çince" is sorted as a letter at the end of the alphabet (Unicode position) rather than as a "C" in the Turkish alphabet? The software module needs to apply the correct Turkish sorting order (collation). --LA2 (mesaj) 10.05, 28 Ekim 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
It is indeed a mess (example). --LA2 (mesaj) 16.35, 29 Ekim 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
I asked the question in English Wiktionary, here. --LA2 (mesaj) 19.21, 29 Ekim 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
Here's another example from the entry Küba. --Apisite (mesaj) 22.32, 31 Ekim 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
P.S. You need to have a good grasp of the Turkish language to make unique translation glosses. --Apisite (mesaj) 02.04, 2 Kasım 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
I agree, that's why I'm very careful with changing or adding any translations. Most of my edits concern the wiki syntax. Did you see any error that I made in translations? In some cases, I have corrected the Swedish spelling of a translation, such as here. --LA2 (mesaj) 08.39, 2 Kasım 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

A table with class="wikitable sortable" is also resorted in Javascript, and this works every time. --LA2 (mesaj) 18.53, 1 Kasım 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

No. Name
1 Buuu
2 Dooo
3 Ottt
4 Raaa
5 Çeee
6 İssss
7 Özzz

Bot değiştir

You can't use the bot without permission. Please contact with Sabri76 about this subject. Turgut46 05.59, 2 Kasım 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

I have already some days ago requested bot status, and also asked the only user who was active then if my edits are disturbing. The activity here is very low, except for my edits. --LA2 (mesaj) 08.39, 2 Kasım 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

Türk lehçeleri değiştir

I see that this heading was discussed in 2017, but was there a clear conclusion? When I'm improving translations, should I also remove this heading and integrate the contents under Çeviriler? There are today 23811 ====Çeviriler=== and 6978 ====Türk lehçeleri====. --LA2 (mesaj) 12.15, 4 Kasım 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

Yes, you can do it. Turgut46 13.22, 4 Kasım 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

Bot değiştir

Hi, can you remove the following texts after {{tr-ad}} with bot example? Also can you change the titles named Telaffuz to Söyleniş? Thanks. --Turgut46 11.22, 4 Aralık 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

@Turgut46. I have changed =Telaffuz= to =Söyleniş= (365 pages), this was easy.
{{tr-ad}} is followed in 856 pages by "-sı", 783 "-si", 334 "-ğı", 227 "-ği", etc. for a total of 4044 pages. There are also 800 pages where something else than " -" follows, for example çoğul (su ürünleri) or even {{m}} (muharrem). --LA2 (mesaj) 14.20, 4 Aralık 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
As you can see in flor and fosfor, there are also cases where the extra details are on the following line. --LA2 (mesaj) 16.50, 4 Aralık 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
Can you fix regularly? Turgut46 21.06, 4 Aralık 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
They are so many, that it will take time. First, I will fix Kategori:Dil parametresi olmayan heceleme şablonları and maybe also Kategori:Dil parametresi olmayan IPA şablonları. But are you sure all of these should be fixed? Do the -si and -su not contain any useful information? --LA2 (mesaj) 21.15, 4 Aralık 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla
No more. We were using before {{tr-ad}}. We don't need more but someone is still adding it. Turgut46 21.43, 4 Aralık 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla

Help değiştir

Hi, we need help about some subjects.

  1. YBot was adding {{bakınız}} on the etries but it left to add. It was copying English Wiktionary etries. Maybe your bot can do it.
  2. Do you understand about abusefilter? Or you know one who knows them? I want to block other titles except the titles on the Vikisözlük:Girdilerin biçimi page. Like: [1]. We encounter this problem very often. Sometimes it escapes our notice. Nobody can help about this problem. --Turgut46 11.29, 22 Aralık 2021 (UTC)Yanıtla